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Renn Kirby Super Store is Committed to Fair Value on Used Cars through Live Market Pricing

Here at Renn Kirby Super Store, we always try to remain as transparent as possible when it comes to our customer service and the fair value that we offer drivers on our used vehicle lineup. To stay in line what with the market is offering and where we can provide a strong return on investment for pre-owned shoppers interested in a daily driver upgrade, our dealership utilizes live market pricing to get you a fair price that you will be happy to pay on a truck, SUV, sedan or hatchback model.

Below, you will discover frequently asked questions that we have received on the live market pricing process, where the advantages lie and why we choose to utilize this platform. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team with your more specific questions and to inquire about test drives and used financing options.

Frequently Asked Questions on Live Market Pricing

What is Live Market Pricing?

Using a sophisticated computer program through an established sponsorship, our dealership scans each price for the used vehicles within our inventory. This scanned price is sent out within 100 miles every hour to compare to other prices for the same vehicle. Based on this listed cost recommendation, our price will then be moved up or down, providing you with real-time value that is fair by design.

Why is this Good for Drivers like Me?

Our answer to this is simple: you want the best bottom line price on a vehicle that matches your quality standards. As a result of this expectation, we work to deliver the most competitive, best value pricing on a daily basis through real-time industry data analysis.

Why Would I want this Pricing?

Here at our dealership, Russ and John share over 65 years of experience working in the automotive industry. Throughout that time, they have realized that customers want the best bottom line price, thus leading our team to take advantage of live market pricing innovation. We are transparent with the pricing listed on each vehicle on our dealer lot, with reduced labels updated frequently based on what the live market pricing says. There are no games with the way we list pricing, because you deserve much better than listing confusion.

Why Does Renn Kirby Super Store Use this Type of Pricing?

From beginning to end, you as our customer deserve an exceptional car buying experience. With pricing being an important part of this journey, we want our listings to reflect the transparency and commitment to amazing customer service that is instilled in every one of our team members.

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